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We are always grateful to our clients who allow us to take part.

We, YOUNG RIM Engineering Co., Ltd are founded in1987. Since then, we've been producing automated press which highly increased both the production and safety for the manufacturing industry.
We, the YOUNG RIM Engineering Co., Ltd manufacture below products with utmost sincerity and care.

  • NC Leveller Feeder

    NC Leveller Feeder ensures the most precise feed by adopting high perfor-
    mance AC servo motor. It is simple to adjust the feed length. NC Leveller Feeder is thoughtfully designed to guarantee high rigidity and endurance.

  • Transfer Robot

    Transfer robot is driven by exclusive Profile makes the motion more quiet.
    It is easy to install more the press and robot as manufactured progress. Transfer robot has separate working of line. The Transfer robot's mechanical motion is prevented interface to transfer robot as safety consideration.

  • Air Feeder

    Air feeder's material is made of duralumin to ensure durability. It has special treatment of cylinder surface and oil screen extends the life of air feeder. Air feeder clamps pressure and increase. Air feeder's extrusion maintains the accuracy Within i 3/4 2.20mm.

  • Uncoiler

    Uncoiler guarantees stable operation after setting and suitble for small space and shorter distance. And also uncoiler is easy to set.

  • Recoiler

    Recoiler makes up the regular size of scrape. Recoiler has various options such as coil pusher, Manual and auto operate type, speed control, auto expansion, adjust of loop and tension devide.

  • Precision Leveller

    Precision leveller adopted multi straightening roll and it can control perfect leveling. Precision leveller uses inverter which can continue to work
    and also has oil pump system.

  • NC Roll Feeder

    NC roll feeder ensures the most precise pitch feed by adopting high perfor-
    mance AC Servo Motor. It is simple
    to adjust the feed length. NC roll
    is thoughtfully designed to guarantee high rigidity and endurance and it is equipped with electric pass
    line adjustment.

  • Roll Feeder

    Roll feeder minimizes product error with precision feeding performance. It provides reliable and prompt after-service through standardization of all spare parts. Roll feeder contains high-quality long-life spare part.

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